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Come – Fall in Love with Maths

Various concepts from their school syllabus have been converted into fun and exciting activities like Murder Mystery, Saving a Princess, Design a Dinosaur Park, Space Age.

The students enjoy and feel involved in the learning process. They lose their fear and approach maths with confidence and associate fun and magic and merriment with maths.


Come – Fall in Love with Learning

Students are shown how to apply  memory techniques to subjects like Science, Social and English. They remember spellings, long lists, keywords, history dates, science diagrams and long answers.

We engage their imagination and creativity to remember for longer, never forget again and recall during exams effortlessly


Come – Improve your Speed and Accuracy

Specially designed set of 30+ worksheets, tips and tricks improves the speed and accuracy of calculations. These 30 + worksheets have been created by taking into account all kinds of calculations used in high school syllabus and finding the easiest method to do the calculations.

So, your school calculations are faster, more accurate and you can recheck them and avoid silly mistakes.


They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.



Student Enrichment Mentor

Career Development Facilitator

Mathematics Aficionado

Teens Education Expert

Career Mentor

Multiple Intelligences Consultant



Multiple Intelligences Consultant

Memory & Mnemonics Pro

Kids Behavior Expert

Career Mentor


Infinite Possibilities when you

Know Your Inherent Potential

Mathemagic Merriment

Mathability Express

Memory Techniques

Teen Skills

Smart Study Skills for Board Exams

Career Orientation for Stream Selection

Parent Orientation

MI Consultant Training for Parents, Teachers

Franchisee help and Support

At Poornapragya, We, Harini and Bindu, are Educational and Career mentors and trainers.We both hold Masters degrees. We have worked abroad as well as in India in senior positions in the corporate world, the freelance & startup world for 12+ years. Observing students struggling took us into the Student World.

Over the past 10 years, we have trained and mentored several students on behavior, education, academics, extra-curricular activities and careers.
Our workshops were co-created from our experiences with various age groups of students over last 10 years.

This Summer 2020 we are offering these Workshops ONLINE  as “Train Your Brain”

🔅Mathability Express

🔅Mathemagic Merriment

🔅Brain power Memory techniques

Happy Memories from our STUDENTS

Students want fun and merriment while parents want that the students love learning and improve their academics.

I loved the class. Apart from teaching lots of tricks and tips, we also learnt how to apply them to our syllabus. The Mathability Express workshop gave me a base to create my own tricks and tips and shortcuts to do Maths more accurately and faster.

Anish 7th Std

The worksheets practice at Mathability Express gave me speed and accuracy and I was able to use them in my Olympiads and exams. I enjoyed the teacher and the workshop very much.

Vedika 7th Std

We played a lot of games and activities. Adventure, Solving a murder mystery, Dragon Quest and designing Dinosaur Parks. I liked the Space Age activity a lot as we laughed through the activity. I would love to attend Mathemagic Merriment every year

Supratik 3rd Std

The brain power memory techniques workshop taught me a very practical and easy approach. I apply the techniques especially when I want to learn complicated diagrams and remember long answers. I love using mindmap and association method. My studytime has become more enjoyable.

Ananya IX std

The memory techniques workshop was fun. I always struggled with memorizing numbers. I loved the technique to remember history dates easily. I will definitely enroll in the second part of this course when I come to 7th std

Darshan 5th Std

We were rolling and laughing at the stories mam told us in the workshop as they were very funny. I loved the class as I learnt how to learn things quickly. I use the techniques to remember English synonyms and antonyms, Maths, science diagrams, social long answers, differentiate, flow charts, answers with many points in it and all my studies. I can remember a grocery list without noting it down anywhere and help my mom in shopping

Hasini 4th Std

Do you want to go back to school with loads of tricks and surprise your friends and teachers with better grades!! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and calls us to register now. Don’t miss this chance as we are conducting in small batches for personal attention. Come on all- Join us for an exciting summer.


For those who want the best scores the most fun way

10+ Years Of Teaching + Mentoring - Education and Career Mentors
These Summer Workshops have been tried and tested for the past 6 years. Careful evaluation of the syllabus of all boards have been made. Then methods, stories, adventures and mysteries were designed over these concepts.
So that students enjoy the workshop immensely and also gain a lot of ideas to implement academically.

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