After last few years of attending tuition, my son thinks it is a waste of time. He says he can study on his own. But having never done self-study, he was blank on how to study effectively.

Also, he was not competitive, so he was not getting good marks. He is in Class 10th now, a very important year, we cannot afford to experiment now.

We met Poornapragya to chalk out a goal for him, so that he is motivated to study.

They did that, but also helped out with my son’s most effective learning style. They described his ideal study environment, various study styles, tips, books and practice methods that would work with his learning abilities.

They made us realise that we as a family are a team to encourage our son in his education and career.

Thank you Poornapragya. We all are now on the same page about  his future and I am hopeful about it as I have received many workable solutions that will work for my son.

— Parul M.

My daughter does not like Maths, but she could analyse Businesses. I could see her as a lawyer, but she hated the idea!

What education paths could we pursue? What are her strengths? How could I help her reach her potential – because I am determined that she will study and be in an independent career that she should love!

Poornapragya helped me understand my daughter – the words they used and their examples of incidents described my daughter completely. I saw that they were able to evaluate my daughter correctly.

Then, they gave a list of careers that my daughter would enjoy – and I saw her excitement to research those careers!

Now, I can analyse any career/job/work and relate them to my daughter’s uniqueness and make the right decision.

And whenever I came across anything, I just had to whatsapp my query and I would receive a suitable reply, because my daughter’s analysis was already done by them, they were able to help in different ways on different queries.

I highly recommend their ability to understand a family’s requirements and limitations and their ability and commitment to work towards a bright future of the child.

— Venkat G.

I left my job when my baby was born. My qualifications are technical but my passion is Art. As long as my baby was home, I was busy but when he started school, as a housewife, my time was dragged into cooking, shopping and meaningless gossip!

My life was going on a downward spiral with no achievements to feel good about.

After a meeting with Poornapragya, I realised I have so many options. I understood my strengths and limitations, I understood my goals and plans and could clearly see a path.

Poornapragya helped me plan my housework so that I have time for learning new courses. And the courses they suggested are not random, they are stepping stones to a career that I can really excel at. I have so many choices, I could work in a job, as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur in the field I love.

My life is exciting, my son learns from my active life, I am confident that I can make a career and also have a great balance with family life.

My husband and in-laws are also happy that I am feeling fulfilled!

— Vijaya L.

My son loves open spaces and wants to serve the nation’s defence forces. But he was not interested in studies. I got really worried when he was in 10th std and approached Poornapragya.

They evaluated my son, his strengths, interests, long term goals and his personality.

As a mother, I could relate to all my son’s strengths. They were very correct. But the way they put up these strengths and related them to futuristic job options was an eye-opener. I learnt a list of careers my son could excel at.

My son was only interested in joining the defence forces. But when he realised how all his strengths were suited for the defence services, except that he has to get some minimum marks to join the defence, he immediately became very determined and studied hard.  So, he got good marks in 10th.

He is continuing the hard work even now and will definitely go forward and serve the country. I am satisfied with the hard work he is putting in studies now.

— Lakshmi S.

I was very confused. I got good marks in 12th, I can get any engineering branch in top colleges. But I was not excited.

Do I want to study further? Would it give me satisfaction? What if it was not interesting? Would I be wasting my time and my parents money?

A series of tests followed by a long discussion and then lots of whatsapp messages with Poornapragya got my head clear. I now understand my strengths! I now know what kind of jobs will suit my personality!

My path is clear now. What subjects I should concentrate during engineering and what future education path I should take to shine in life and achieve my long term goals.

Thank you Poornapragya, for helping me understand myself.

— Sushil K.

I am glad to have met Poornapragya. We were very worried about my nephew’s future. He was not doing well in studies and his score was very average in 12th. Their tests and analysis brought forth so many revelations and new way of understanding my nephew.

We realised that there are so many futuristic options that do not require academic success. He has many strengths and abilities which can make him happy and successful in his areas of interests.

They suggested job/entrepreneur oriented degree courses that are 70% practical and only 30% theory, so that academic pressure on my nephew is least, he gets a degree and is totally job ready in his passionate subject. We were very excited to rediscover our nephew and explore the new options.

— Anurag A.

My son is a sportsperson, but he is in 10th std. He needs to now focus on studies too. Everyday was a clash – my husband and I wanted him to spend time on studies, but his motivation to study was low.

Poornapragya was able exactly understand what would motivate my son, I learnt a lot of tips and tricks on how to study more efficiently based on my son’s individual style of learning.


There were a lot of ideas and tips on how to handle conflicts and listen to each other with more empathy. My son was deeply motivated once he realised that he was studying for his own future, and not for the sake of us, his parents.


Thank you Poornapragya. Now I have the confidence that my son will be motivated to build a successful career path for himself and make us proud.

– Sumitra C.

I was concerned about what course stream my child should choose in her graduation. So I requested a meeting with Poornapragya. The tests, analysis and discussion with them has given me clarity on my child’s inborn strengths and acquired strengths – knowledge of which is instrumental in taking any decision regarding her future. I also learnt a choice of many futuristic career options that my daughter’s unique personality can succeed at.

Sincerely thank you Poornapragya, for helping me out in this crucial decision

— Prasad A.