What is PoornaPragya?

Poorna means complete and infinite, Poorna also means perfection and exhaustive.

Pragya means to discover and understand, Pragya also means knowledge and intelligence and capability!

We at PoornaPragya believe that each person is born with a unique innate potential to help them to fulfil their own unique purpose. We help identify the infinite possibilities of a person, so that they can lead a complete and fulfilled life, full of possibilities and success in their field of interest and passion.

We use several scientific methodologies to identify and measure a person’s innate strengths, their abilities, their aptitudes, their personality and their unique interests and passions.

We then combine their family background and their aspirations and dreams and map all these qualities to a futuristic study/work area that can be honed to reach your potential and find success, happiness and fulfilment in life!